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Side view of Trooper 01
Side view of Troope 01
Old school and classic design
4-in fat tires of Yadea e-bike trooper 01
Dual suspension of Yadea e-bike trooper 01
Side view of Troope 01
Side view of Troope 01
Yadea E-bike TROOPER-01
Yadea E-bike TROOPER-01
Tooper 01:3 Pedal Assist Modes
Yadea E-bike TROOPER-01
Yadea E-bike TROOPER-01: Stronger battery storage
Yadea E-bike TROOPER-01
Yadea E-bike TROOPER-01
    RANGE 56 Miles
    Tire CST 20x4.0"

Trooper 01 Electric Bike High Power Motor with Unlimited Charm

Old school Trooper 01 contains a 750W high-power motor and a step-over style motorcycle look that brings an unforgettable and strong visual effect to the riding experience. The 20x4'' fat tires provide more stability and maintainability for a freeing riding experience.

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    Specs & Detail
    Size & fit
    Side view of Trooper 01
    Trooper 01 Electric Bike High Power Motor with Unlimited Charm
    $2,199.99 $1,999.99 USD

    Trooper 01

    Be an adventurer

    Recognizable and Distinctive Design

    With a straddle-type aluminum alloy frame, which breaks through the design of traditional electric bicycles, Trooper 01 won design patents in several countries. There is highly personalized expansion and modification space to meet individualization modification requirements.

    750W Powerful Motor Stronger Battery Storage

    Equipped with a 750W high-power motor, 80Nm high-torque and a 48V 20 Ah 21700 high-energy-density lithium battery, the Trooper 01 provides more power and durability for riding. Charging for 6 hours, ride as far as 55 miles. Release your adventurous nature to the fullest!

    3 Pedal Assist Modes

    Featuring a dual-drive hybrid intelligent speed sensing system which makes riding easily, the electric bike comes with 3 pedal assist modes , so you can customize your riding mode to your terrain. The Trooper 01 provides an estimated 25-55+ miles of range depending on the pedal-assist mode switch.

    Off-road Barrier-free

    The Trooper 01 features a full suspension with 4-inch fat tires, reducing the bumps when passing through tough road and the impact of the road on the human body. Start your exciting off-road riding and conquer all terrains.

    Safety Always Comes First

    Equipped the BMS battery protection to fully protect the battery life and extend the using span. The high-brightness headlights and Yadea's recognizable taillights are eye-catching and easy to identify, making your trip safe at night. The sensitive and quick response front and rear hydraulic disc brakes help you easily deal with various unexpected conditions during the trip to avoid danger.

    More Thoughtful Details

    IP65 waterproof and dustproof to keep your ebike clean and tidy and ride on wading roads or rainy days.


    Can I assemble an Ebike myself?

    It takes about 15-20 minutes to assemble an e-bike and it's easy to do so with our assembly specification.

    How long and how often does it take to charge the battery?

    Trooper-01: 6 hours, Innovator: 5 hours. We estimate you need to charge around once a week.

    Height and weight recommendation for Yadea Ebikes.

    Innovatoer:  L*W*H 1490*605*650mm; Net Weight 23.8kg

    Trooper01:L*W*H 1700*690*750mm; Net Weight 36.5kg

    What is the height range of your Ebikes?

    Our Ebikes are designed for a height range from 5`1`` to 6`4`` (165 - 195cm)

    What maintenance schedule should I follow?

    To ensure your Yadea ebike's longevity and smooth operation, and your safety when riding, Yadea recommends regular pre-ride and post-ride checks, as well as bi-annual and annual check-ups. The following is a general overview of the ebike checks you should incorporate into your biking routine, both on a regular basis and less regularly long-term. For those riding their ebike daily, you'll want to follow these schedules very closely. For more intermittent and casual riders, you will need less frequent routine tuneups.

    After each ride, it's time to inspect your ebike and get ready to wind it down. Some of which includes inspecting the tires, rims, and derailleur for dirt or damage, wiping down the frame with a rag, and charging the battery if you're running low. In time, this should also be a quick and straightforward check!

    What kind of weather can I ride in?

    Yadea can and will tolerate biking during most permitting weather conditions. However, it is an electric bike after all, with electrical components needing some added caution.

    Yadea is built to the IPX65 water-resistant standard. IPX65 is standard that indicates your bike is resistant to multi-directional water splashes, meaning it is okay to ride or park your Yadea in rain. Light to moderate raindrops or splashes from a wet road will not harm your ebike, but be wary of harsher weather and rainfall conditions. Yadea tires are not intended for riding in snow or during snow fall.

    The general rule of thumb is, if weather impacts your visibility and has the possibility to affect your bike's functionality, it is likely not a safe riding condition. With that in mind, safe riding!  

    Annual Checklist

    An expansion of the six-month checklist, annual bike checks will involve everything from the bi-annual check along with a complete breakdown and inspection of your ebike: checking all the components, cleaning and lubing them, and putting everything back in its place. For the daily ebike rider, this check should be completed annually. For the casual riders, an annual check may be completed once every 18 months to 2 years. An annual ebike check may also be done through an Yadea dealer or local bike shop.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Denman Frazer

    Trooper 01 Electric Bike High Power Motor with Unlimited Charm

    Ethanuael Mize
    Good bike

    Good and fast

    I like it

    It's the 2nd time I bought Yadea's products, to be honest, well-built and nice suspension for both Eliteprime scooter and this Trooper01

    Good product

    Birthday gift for my high school graduate son, he was so eager to ride on the bike heading up to college. Everything's within our expectation, really recommended.

    Fun ride

    I am over 250lbs and definitely need a strong loading capacity ebike, this one looks skinny but it really fits my body well, especially the long and wide seat, really nice and enjoyable riding on it.