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Side View of ElitePrime
Side View of ElitePrime
Side View of ElitePrime
Side View of ElitePrime
Side View of ElitePrime
Folded ElitePrime e-scooter for easy storage
Top-down view of electric scooter with grey frame and wheels, handlebars
Side View of ElitePrime
Yadea ElitePrime with a rider
Fashion model riding Yadea ElitePrime e-scooter in an urban setting
Fashion model posing with a folded ElitePrime E-scooter on a staircase
Model riding an ElitePrime electric scooter on the road
Model riding an ElitePrime electric scooter on the road
Model riding an ElitePrime electric scooter on the road
    TOP SPEED 18.6 MPH
    MOTOR POWER Peak 1500W
    RANGE 40 Miles
    Self Healing Tubeless Tires 10 inches

ElitePrime Electric Scooter—The Scooter of Urban SUV

With its unique ergonomic handbars and Minimalist Tech Grey colour, the SUV-like ElitePrime is designed for a high-end, comfortable and safety commuting experience. 

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    $1,499.99 USD
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    Specs & Detail
    Size & fit
    Side View of ElitePrime
    ElitePrime Electric Scooter—The Scooter of Urban SUV
    $1,499.99 USD

    ElitePrime E-scooter

    Minimalist Urban Aesthetics

    ElitePrime has a sharp and smooth body, and has been greatly upgraded in terms of man-machine size.
    The unique curved handle design can bring you a more comfortable experience.
    The pedal size of 185*565mm makes your riding more stable and comfortable.

    Polymer Shock Absorption

    Front and rear suspension gives you the cushion & confidence to take on urban streets.
    It uses polymer shock absorbers to reduce rattle and absorb impact better than springs. So it’s always smooth sailing, even as you jump from street to sidewalk.

    40 Miles Long- range Battery

    ElitePrime uses automotive grade 21700 power ternary lithium batteries, and the aluminum casing ensures high reliability.
    One full charge on the ElitePrime can take you a full 40 miles (65km).

    1500W Powerful Motor

    Zip through the city, with a max speed of 18.6mph powered by an 800W motor.
    And when you’re climbing hills, it pumps out a massive 1500W for short spurts to maintain your max speed.
    That shatters the 500-700W max power of most e-scooters

    Yadea Smart Connection

    Connect your device to the Yadea to get overair-control and updates to your scooter.
    · Cruise Control
    · Energy Recovery
    · Bluetooth Parking
    · OTA Wireless Upgrade

    Adventure for Future


    How to install the e-scooter?

    1. Open the parking stand, expand the stand pipe and keep the scooter stable;
    2. Connect the handle with both ends of the power cable inside the stand pipe, and put the cable into the stand pipe, then install the handle on the stand pipe;
    3. Lock the screws with the installation tool (3mm) included in the package;
    4. After the assembly, it is necessary to connect the charger and wait for 2-3 seconds for activation. The scooter will be turned on and ready for use after the battery is activated;
    More details, please Check out the graphic and textual explanations on the manual.

    How do I unfold the e-scooter?

    Turn the buckle to disengage from the hook and lift the handle. Unfold the stand pipe to the maximum position, hold the pipe and press the folding handle down until the pipe is locked.

    How do I fold the e-scooter?

    1. Turn off the scooter before folding.Hold the stand pipe, push the safety button, open the folding handle, and fold the stand pipe;
    2. Open the upper buckle, align to the hook at the rear, and hook the two.

    How do I charge the battery?

    1. Open the charging port cover at the bottom of the stem. Make sure the charging port is dry and free of dust;
    2. Connect the charging adapter;
    3. The battery is fully charged when the indicator light of the charging adapter turns from red to green;
    4. Close the charging port cover after charging the battery.

    How do I change the riding mode?

    There are 4 modes for ElitePrime scooter.
    When the scooter is on, single press the power button to shift between modes, and the scooter beeps upon successful operation.
    1. Push mode,to provide power assistance when pushing, or for beginners riding: 6km/h, human icon;
    2. Ride mode,medium speed mode for everyday riding: 15km/h, D icon;
    3. Sport mode, recommended after mastering the riding skill, 30km/h, S icon;
    4. Extreme speed mode,ultra fast, recommended after mastering the riding skills, 30km/h, X icon;

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Simon Doku
    Great Scooter

    I love this scooter! It’s fast and has a sleek design. However the only downside is It’s weight and the excessive beeping. I hope there’s a way to disable the beeping sound or change it on the app. Also, the back tired guard scrapes the ground when you make a wheelie and sometimes when you brake, the back brake disks make a scratching sound.

    Lisa Mitchell

    I've got segway and hiboy so far and have to say this ELITEPRIME is the best overall!!! Completely no worries on gravel roads, nice suspension and shock absorbers did a good job and overcome any condition here, appreciate the design and the super touching price.

    Emily Watson
    high quality

    Didn't expect the delivery would be on time but it truly did! Whole build looks nice and ready to go, the only color seems to be a pity as a I'm a girl, if getting more colorful options I bet would be more attractive, however the quality is pretty good and feel safe on riding of course.

    John Smithson

    my scooter arrives today and I love the build and looks really smooth, check over the body and no flaws to be found. Gonna try out tomorrow and heading to the downtown.