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    RANGE 34 Miles
    Self-healing   Tubeless Tires 10-inch 

KS6 Pro Electric Scooter Foldable with High Quality

Not only 800W peak power and 15300mAh lithium battery, but also with the triple braking system and self-healing tubeless tires, Yadea KS6 Pro will truly give you the experience of freedom in the city! Enjoy your adventure with a ride on KS6 Pro .

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$899.00 USD
Color:Dark Grey
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Specs & Detail
Size & fit
KS6 Pro Electric Scooter Foldable with High Quality
KS6 Pro Electric Scooter Foldable with High Quality
$899.00 USD
Dark Grey
Dark Grey

KS6 Pro E-scooter

Freedom in City

800W Peak Power

Experience powerful cycling performance with our brushless DC motor featuring a peak power of 800W and a motor life of over 3000H.
With a rear-mounted hub motor, enjoy a stronger driving force and better handling for easy 20% riding slopes and free acceleration fun.

34Miles Safe and Long Range

Power up your ride with our high-performance EVE18650 lithium battery with a 15300mAh capacity, featuring a 34miles riding range and intelligent electronic control technology for safety and stability.

Self-healing Tubeless Tires

The MPN Polymer Nano Memory Gel is explosion-proof and puncture-resistant, providing comfortable cushioning and allowing it to cope with a variety of complex road conditions.
In the case of nail damage, it can be quickly filled with self-healing technology for seamless repairs.

Super Shock Absorbed

The front fork linear spring damping provides shock absorption and uniform force to easily overcome obstacles and bumps, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride.
It is capable of bearing a continuous load of 110kg over 100,000 obstacles of 20mm height, ensuring long-term effective shock absorption.

Triple Braking System

The triple braking system features front drum and rear disc brakes, along with an electronic brake for faster and more stable braking with a response time of 0.1s and a braking distance of less than 14.4ft, ensuring safer riding.
The high-performance dual acting opposite cylinder disc brake generates two-way force control to avoid disc deflection to achieve efficient braking and safer riding.

Yadea Smart Connection

Connect your device to the Yadea to get overair-control and updates to your scooter.
· Lock/Unlock
· Cruise Control
· Gear Switch
· Power Display


How to install the e-scooter?

1. Open the parking stand, expand the front tube and keep the scooter stable;
2. Connect the handle with both ends of the power cable inside the front tube, and put the cable into the front tube, then install the handle on the front tube;
3. Lock the screws with the installation tool included in the package;
4. After the assembly, it is necessary to connect the charger and wait for 2-3 seconds for activation. The scooter will be turned on and ready for use after the battery is activated.

More details, please Check out the graphic and textual explanations on the manual.

How do I unfold the e-scooter?

1. Turn the buckle to disengage from the hook and lift the handle;
2. Unfold the front tube to the maximum position, hold the pipe and press the folding handle down until the pipe is locked.

How do I fold the e-scooter?

1. Hold the front tube, push the safety button, open the folding handle, and fold the front tube.Open the upper buckle, align to the hook at the rear, and hook the two;
2. After the scooter is folded, it can be carried by holding the balance point of the riser.

How do I turn on/ off headlight?

When the scooter is on, double press the power button to turn on/off headlight, and the scooter beeps uponsuccessful operation.

How to change the riding mode?

When the scooter is on, single press the power button to shift between modes, and the scooter beeps upon successful operation.
Eco Mode: The e-scooter’s speed is up to 6km/h and there will be a "human" icon;
Comfort Mode: The scooter’s speed is up to 15km/hand there will be a “D” icon;
Sports Mode: The scooter’s speed is up to 30km/h and there will be a “S” icon.

How to switch beween km/h and mph?

When the scooter is on, triple press the power button to shift speed unit of kmph or mph, and the scooter beeps upon successful operation.