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7000+ Rider Reviews

7000+ Rider Reviews

Impressive bike so far. Great value.

Due to bad luck and hardship I decided sell both of my cars and invest in a e-bike and learn the bike trails to commute to work to see how much money I can save. I did a lot of research online and was looking for a more moped style e-bike. I pulled the trigger on the Trooper 1 because research showed Yadea as a more established company and the bike ships basically fully assembled.

Julius Bradis

Good and fast

It's the 2nd time I bought Yadea's products, to be honest, well-built and nice suspension for both Eliteprime scooter and this Trooper01

Ethanuael Mize

love it!

First ride today, lots of slopes, this mighty finished 13.6mile and have 57% power left. It felt well built and powerful.

Hua Rong 

The perfect urban commute!

When I unboxed the ElitePrime, I was impressed with its build and durability. After riding it through my city, I was in awe of its capabilities. The acceleration, regen braking, and the stance on the scooter all feel perfect. I would recommend this scooter to anyone who is looking for quick, short commutes and longer leisure rides through the city!


Good Bike

Birthday gift for my high school graduate son, he was so eager to ride on the bike heading up to college. Everything's within our expectation, really recommended.

Denman Frazer