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The Ultimate Electric Scooter for Urban Adventurers


Unveiling the Yadea ElitePrime, the electric scooter reimagined as the "Scooter of Urban SUV." This sleek and powerful ride is now available for pre-order, promising to revolutionize your urban commuting experience. With its minimalist urban aesthetics and cutting-edge features, the ElitePrime is set to captivate riders seeking style, performance, and convenience.

Embodying urban sophistication, the ElitePrime boasts a sharp and smooth body design, elevated man-machine dimensions, and a unique curved handle for enhanced comfort. Experience stability and comfort like never before with its spacious 185*565mm pedals, providing a solid foundation for every ride.

Say goodbye to bumpy rides with the ElitePrime's polymer shock absorption system. Equipped with front and rear suspension, it effortlessly absorbs urban street vibrations, allowing you to cruise with confidence. Unlike traditional springs, the polymer shock absorbers reduce rattle and absorb impacts for a smoother journey, even when transitioning from street to sidewalk.

Empowering urban explorers, the ElitePrime features an automotive-grade 21700 power ternary lithium battery with an impressive range of 40 miles (65km) on a single charge. Rest assured with the high reliability of its aluminum casing, ensuring long-lasting performance throughout your adventures.

Accelerate through the cityscape with the ElitePrime's powerful 1500W motor. Reach a maximum speed of 18.6mph (30km/h) and conquer hills effortlessly, thanks to short bursts of 1500W power. This surpasses the max power range of most e-scooters, typically between 500-700W, ensuring unparalleled performance for your urban journeys.

Stay connected with the Yadea Smart Connection, allowing you to synchronize your device seamlessly with the ElitePrime. Enjoy over-air control and receive firmware updates directly to your scooter. Experience features such as cruise control, energy recovery, Bluetooth parking, and OTA wireless upgrades, providing a comprehensive and convenient riding experience.

Get ready to revolutionize your urban commute with the Yadea ElitePrime. With its striking design, advanced features, and uncompromising performance, this electric scooter is the epitome of urban mobility. Pre-order your ElitePrime today and embrace the future of urban exploration.

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